New York City: A List of Favourites

As a lovely and ridiculously kind present from my grandfather, I spent the first week of September this year in New York City, loving and living life. As it was my first time, I was in total tourist mode, and did all the tourist things, from visiting Lady Liberty to going to see 3 different Broadway shows (I’d be a terrible theatre student if I hadn’t!), and most importantly for this blog, eating out at roughly 30 different places over the course of the week. The weight I put on was totally worth it.

I thought I’d make a list of some of my favourite places I ate in whilst I was there; some tasty places to go if you’ve not already been (and if you haven’t, I insist that you go as soon as possible. You’ll be in Heaven!)

Pennsylvania 6 NYC (

I went here for dinner one night accidentally, as I was actually looking for another restaurant and couldn’t find it. Yelp failed me for the first time in my life. Luckily though, this restaurant was incredible. It’s definitely on the fine dining side, and I absolutely loved my experience here. The staff were incredible and attentive, the restaurant was beautiful, and most importantly the food was absolutely stunning. With an amazing looking food menu and wine menu, this is definitely somewhere I’d recommend in the city. It’s right next to Penn Station, hence the name. Go!

Pershing Square Cafe (

Located directly across from the front door of Grand Central Terminal, this quaint little restaurant was one of my favourite dining experiences whilst in the city. My friend Maria who I met whilst there had a “NYC to do list” with her, and this place was on the list. Despite it’s location, it was very quiet when we went which I can only imagine improved the service. Our food was quickly ordered and delivered, and just as quickly scoffed down. It was so delicious – I had the duck and Maria had the mussels, and I was in food heaven. Yum! The host was lovely and made us feel very welcome, and the strawberry cheesecake I had afterwards was delicious.

Katsu-Hama ( 

Without a question of a doubt, Japanese cuisine is my favourite of all time. I absolutely adore it, and if it was the only cuisine available to me for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t complain. Safe to say I ate a lot of it in the city, and this place was by far the best. As you can probably tell by the name, this tiny restaurant, located in an upstairs space just off 5th Avenue, specialises in Katsu Curry, and that was definitely what I was going to order. The chicken katsu curry came, delivered by the very lovely staff, and definitely lived up to some of the reviews claiming it was the best in the city. I would argue this to be true. I was in food Heaven, and although it was inevitable that the plate was going to empty, I truly didn’t want it to. If Japanese is your thing, go here. Now!

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria (

With many people claiming this to be the best pizza in New York City, an hour wait in a queue outside in the blistering sun, and almost 3,000 reviews on Yelp, I expected a hell of a lot from this tiny little pizza place in Brooklyn. After walking across the Brooklyn bridge, I’d built up an appetite, and almost looked for somewhere else when I found out that this place wanted me to stand outside for an hour, but I stayed and I eventually was served my huge pizza with mushrooms, mozzarella, ham and fresh garlic. And I 100% agree with this being the best pizza in New York. It’s definitely the best pizza I’ve ever tasted, and I’d tasted quite a lot of it. Despite slow service, which was expected as the restaurant was packed, I had an amazing experience here and whenever I’m back in NYC will definitely be returning for some more pizza.

The World’s Worst Blogger

It’s official. I am literally the world’s worst blogger. My last blogpost was August 15th, which was over 2 months ago. How I’m still getting 10+ views a day to the website boggles my mind, but if you’re someone who’s still with me and has been for a while, then I can’t thank you enough. This blog does mean a lot to me, despite how much I neglect it.

Since August 15th I’ve done so much! I did a week long stint in New York City and despite being a theatre student and New York being the hub of all that is theatre, it was my first time going. I fell in love with the place the minute I stepped off the plane. It’s definitely my new favourite city in the world – there’s just so much to do! I easily ate out about 25 times in the week, sometimes 3+ times in one day. Oops! Safe to say a pound or two was put on during the week. If you’ve never been to the city, it’s definitely somewhere that you simply have to put on your bucket list. You’ll love it!

I’ve also been to various food events since August 15th and have written about none of them. Can you see this becoming a trend? I’m about to write about 10 blog posts and this is my first. I’m sitting in the gym and my body is exhausted from working out – but my fingers are about to receive an even more vigorous work out. Again, thanks for staying with the blog. It means so much even seeing one like on a blog post – at least I know I’m reaching out to someone.

I recently removed my blog’s facebook and instagram (but then reinstated the instagram) because I felt I had too many outlets and I was losing interest with the constant need to update them all. So I’m keeping it to just the website itself, plus the twitter and instagram accounts. Follow them all if you fancy!

Also, I 100% promise to update this at least once a week. I’ve made empty promises in the past but this one shall not have the same fate!

Enjoy the site :)

Nippon Kitchen

Easily the best Japanese restaurant in the city. With this new opening, Glasgow’s food scene is definitely starting to pick up!

I came in here today for lunch as I’d been meaning to try the place since it opened. We were handed a flier at the door for 20% off the total bill, something to bring customers in as it’s new, and that settled it for me! When you arrive, the door staff welcome you with a huge smile and a “Namaste!”, which just adds to the pleasant experience.

We were seated at a lovely table at the back and our drinks were brought out to us. The menu in here is so expansive we took a while to decide, but eventually settled on chicken kara-age, korokke, duck teriyaki, chicken katsu curry, and Seabass sashimi. The food wasn’t brought out all at once like I’ve experienced in many Asian restaurants, but more in the starter, main course format. The food was brought out quickly and efficiently, and all of it was absolutely delicious. The sauces, the meats and the dressings were all done to perfection, and I cannot think of a single fault.


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Burger Meats Bun

After attending the opening of Burger Meats Bun yesterday, it’s becoming more and more apparent that Glasgow is becoming an amazing city on the Burger scene, and BMB is definitely up there with the best.

A group of yelpers went for lunch yesterday to try out these incredibly hyped up burgers. With all the talk on twitter and the build up, everyone was expecting the best of the best, and I don’t think anyone was disappointed. The restaurant is contemporary in design; with corrugated metal sheets and wood being the primary theme, along with plus red sofas at the back. The owners James and Ben, who met whilst working at Michelin starred Peat Inn in Fife and decided to swap Michelin Stars for Meat Slabs to open a restaurant they always dreamed of, have done an exceptional job with the place and I can only see fabulous things ahead for them.

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Catching Up!


So I just noticed that the last time I posted on this blog was the 27th of May. That was almost an entire month ago. I can only apologise for my horrifically long absence, but I do have an excuse! And quite a good one at that!

On the 2nd of this month I was taken into hospital for a planned operation on the 5th. It was basically a ‘finishing’ operation for an initial operation that I had last August. This time around, the operation was to sort everything out and make sure I didn’t actually need to return to hospital for anything, which is pretty good news in my book! I was in from the 2nd until the 14th (you can check my instagram for glorious pictures of the food that I attempted to eat whilst imprisoned!) and for the last week I’ve been healing and trying to chill out as much as possible. Hence the almost month long absence!

Starting tomorrow with a review of Nanakusa on Sauchiehall Street, I’ll be up and running again, and hopefully won’t have to take another month off. I feel like my poor little blog has been neglected.

Thanks for staying with me and reading these! You’re all wonderful people. Here, have a virtual hug!