If you’re looking for somewhere in Glasgow city centre for excellent healthy eating options, then Martha’s on St Vincent Street is definitely the place to be. A delicious cornucopia of nutritious food, this  haven of health offers daily specials to the Glaswegian public and an array of popular dishes that offer a plethora of health benefits; be it gluten-free, foods lower in saturated fat or food to keep you fuller for longer.

Martha's Interior

The team of hardworking staff at Martha’s are guided by Dr. Carrie Ruxton, an award winning health-writer, dietician and nutritionist. With a PhD in Child Nutrition and over 100 published articles on diet and health, Carrie assists the team in assuring the food served in store has the ability to tingle your taste buds, as well as satisfy nutritional check-points.


Martha’s serves a generous menu of tasty foods, that is obvious, but their crème de la crème is their Red Dragon Pork. Scotch Pork slow roasted for 15 hours served with sesame, chilli, ginger and spring onion. This dish will blow your mind. It’s a gorgeous blend of sweet, tender pork with the heat and spices of the thai influenced veg. Whenever I go to Martha’s, this is the dish I choose over the rest every time. Low in saturated fat and containing one of your 5 a day, this is a must-have lunchtime meal for the Glasgow citizens. At only £4.95 for the main course option, it is clear why this 558 calorie dish is the fans’ favourite at Martha’s.

Tiled wall

Don’t be fooled that just because this is exceptional healthy food that it’s being sourced anywhere else but in our fine lands, as you’d be quite mistaken. All of Martha’s produce is sourced locally, be it MacCallans of Troon’s fish, fairtrade coffee from Mathew Algie or multi-award winning quality assured meat from Simon Howie Farm & Butchers. Martha’s also knows that certain foods are better at different points of the year, and changes the menu seasonally to reflect that.

marthas kitchen staff

Martha’s mission is to reinvent the idea of fast food. I think they are definitely achieving this in their every day running. Bringing health and nutrition to a fast paced city is what they’ve done, and it was something that was badly needed. I think Martha’s is an exceptional little gem of Glasgow, and this place deserves as much recognition as possible.

All photos were sourced from Martha’s website, located at

Martha’s can also be found here, and here
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