Where The Monkey Sleeps

Where The Monkey Sleeps is a fantastic coffee shop, cafe and gallery all rolled into one nestled into an underground space at 182 West Regent Street. It is fast becoming one of my favourite cafes in Glasgow for a variety of reasons. The place is excellent, from it’s food to it’s staff to it’s decor, and I’m always excited to come here because of all three elements. The place is musically themed, from the names of their bagels to the artwork lining the walls, that is abundantly clear.

The food in here is the real star though. Daily specials are listed on their twitter every day, which consists of a soup, a stew and a kurgan; their flagship seller. They pride themselves on their bagels, with each one being more delicious than the next, and their speciality ‘kurgan’, which this week is a chargrilled minute steak with caramelised onion, applewood smoked cheddar, whole grain mustard, and balsamic dressed rocket and cherry tomatoes all crammed onto a ciabatta. If your mouth isn’t watering, there’s something wrong with you.

A music themed coffee shop (and excellent coffee at that by the way!), which sells excellent food and has excellent staff in an excellent environment? Why are you not here every single day for lunch?

All pictures were sourced at http://www.monkeysleeps.com

Where The Monkey Sleeps can be found here and here.
Where The Monkey Sleeps on Urbanspoon

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