Bo’Vine Meats and Wines

Have I ever mentioned how much I love steak? Yes, I think I have. Many a time. But I’m just gonna go ahead and do it again because the steak in here was just so excellent and wonderful and now I’m slightly saddened by the fact I’m not still eating it.

Colin and I booked a table in here last night as I’d heard lovely things about Bo’Vine and steak was calling my name. Bo’Vine Meats & Wines is located on Byres Road underneath the Hilton. The restaurant itself is directly attached to the hotel’s own restaurant, with a lot of hotel guests coming downstairs to eat, and the option on your bill to have it sent to your hotel room. Originally we planned on going for the market menu, which is £14.50 for two courses or £18.50 for three, but when the menus were placed in front of us, we were drawn more to the a la carte options. Gives us more reason to go back mind you! To start, Colin had the French Onion Soup and I had the Ham Hock and Chicken Terrine with Golden Sultanas, Crispy Onions and a Chicory Marmalade. The terrine was so well made, it had retained it’s shape perfectly, and was soft to cut into. Amazing and delicious. Colin thoroughly enjoyed his soup, although he did slip in that he prefers mine. He knows how to charm.

We both ordered the fillet steak for our main course. All steaks come with two sides as part of the price, or one sauce and one side. We both ordered medium rare with béarnaise sauce, and I went for creamed spinach where Colin chose caramelised onions. I genuinely didn’t want the steak to end, it was that good. Fantastically cooked – it was such a stunningly good cut of meat I think I would’ve enjoyed it if they’d served it on a plate in front of me or thrown it at my head. The béarnaise sauce was so rich with tarragon and delicious, and although the creamed spinach was a bit heavy, I still cleaned the bowl. The roasted vine tomatoes that garnished the plate were juicy and sweet, and all in all it was an excellent dish.

As if that wasn’t enough, desserts were soon ordered. The cheese board with grape chutney sounded to good to miss, and the Seville Orange Pudding with Gingerbread Ice Cream and Hot Toddy Jelly was Colin’s choice. The cheeseboard was excellent, and the grape chutney was delicious. Colin adored his dessert, especially the gingerbread ice cream.

The bill did come out quite steep, but as I knew the quality I was paying for, I didn’t mind. My one complaint about the restaurant would be the waitresses. They’re overly attentive when you don’t want them to be e.g. asking you how the meal is 3 times when you’re halfway through mouthfuls of food, but then when you need their attention for a drink, none of them appear to be available. The service was very slightly on the slow side, but not enough to bother me. I will 100% be back here.

(All pictures belong to, where other information on the restaurant including an online booking service can be found. The pictures aren’t reflective of the courses I wrote about.)
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