Stefano’s Italian

If Hamilton, the town I live in, has an abundance of any type of cuisine, it’s most definitely Italian. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Italian food, I just wish there was some more exciting or more prominent cuisines located here. (I type this as I’m eating a lunch of Fusili Carbonara. Hypocrite.)

When I discovered recently that there was an Italian restaurant located a mere stone’s throw away in Uddingston, a few towns over, I decided I’d have a go at it to see how, or indeed if, it differed from the rest of the Italian restaurants nearby. I had a look at the website and was pretty impressed with their style of Italian; not as many traditional Scottish-Italian dishes such as Spaghetti Bolognese or Penne Amatriciana, but dishes such as Penne con Verdure e Zafferano and Filleto alla Pizzaiola. A promising start! I noticed that there was a lunch time menu on Tuesday-Friday which offered 2 courses for £9.95. If anything is likely to draw me into a restaurant, it’s deals that offer me cheaper food, and so in Colin and I went on Thursday afternoon.

Stefano Bericchia, owner and head chef of the restaurant, clearly has exceptional taste when it comes to dining. The space located at 84 Main Street in Uddingston is a haven of relaxation and intimacy, and with the plentiful number of wines strewn throughout the restaurant, gives you a real feel of Italy. The lunch menu that Colin and I had was limited in comparison to the A La Carte, but that was expected, and of course gives me a reason to return to try the full thing. Our waiter served us promptly with drinks and before long our orders were taken; for Colin, Minestrone Soup and Spaghetti Carbonara and for myself Chicken Liver Pâté and Lemon Sole, which was the fish of the day. As we were one of only two tables in the restaurant, we were served efficiently and with such speed it could’ve been considered fast food. Did it taste like fast food though? Oh no, it did not. The pate, although I was given a lot of it, was absolutely delicious and the lemon sole was so perfectly cooked I was really quite sad when I finished my main course. It was served with seasonal veg, and the fish, oh the fish, was absolutely heavenly.

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4

I can only give positives about this restaurant. For those wanting to try great food at a great price, the lunch menu is the way to go, and I look forward to coming back in the future to try the A La Carte menu. Delicious!

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