Viva Brazil

I sort of regret telling everyone about how fantastic Tropeiro was, because now that I’ve been to Viva Brazil, there is absolutely no way Tropeiro is the best Churrascaria in Glasgow to visit. After being in Viva Brazil about 10 minutes I already preferred it.

Colin and I went in here for lunch/early dinner before seeing Hairspray at the Kings last night. Colin was a bit hesitant because of how much he disliked Tropeiro, but he agreed because the lunch deal is the Full Rodizio plus unlimited salad bar for £13.95. Who could resist that? With an extensive cocktail menu to boot, we looked forward to having a good meal.

Upon arrival, we were taken to a nice window table in the massive expanse that is this restaurant. I’m not kidding, I’ve not seen many bigger restaurants in my life. The man who seated us, who I’m assuming is the manager as he was dressed differently from the servers, explained how everything worked to us and was incredibly helpful, something that was sorely missed in Tropeiro. We were then told to help ourselves to the salad bar, which is so full of wonderful hot and cold options (breadcrumbed banana?), after which we headed back to the table and flipped those cards to green.

Viva Brazil, which opened it’s doors on Bothwell Street in October 2011, has 15 different cuts of meat, all brought to your table by the Passadors. The meats range from common things such as sirloin steak and sausages, to more obscure things like garlic rump cap or chicken hearts (yes, you heard me correctly!) Chicken hearts are a Brazilian delicacy, and are actually surprisingly delicious! Not that Colin would know how they taste, the wimp…

Yesterday, the only meat they didn’t have was the chilli chicken. Everything else was brought out one by one and was so juicy and tender and flavoursome. In comparison to the meagre, burnt, fatty bits of meat we were served in Tropeiro, this was heavenly. Our waitress Joanne was fantastic, and the passadors were keen to bring us meats we’d already tried back over because we loved them so much. All in all, one of my favourite meat experiences! I’ll definitely be back here munching on those yummy chicken hearts.

(All pictures were sourced from Viva Brazil can be found here, here and here.)

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