Burger Meats Bun

After attending the opening of Burger Meats Bun yesterday, it’s becoming more and more apparent that Glasgow is becoming an amazing city on the Burger scene, and BMB is definitely up there with the best.

A group of yelpers went for lunch yesterday to try out these incredibly hyped up burgers. With all the talk on twitter and the build up, everyone was expecting the best of the best, and I don’t think anyone was disappointed. The restaurant is contemporary in design; with corrugated metal sheets and wood being the primary theme, along with plus red sofas at the back. The owners James and Ben, who met whilst working at Michelin starred Peat Inn in Fife and decided to swap Michelin Stars for Meat Slabs to open a restaurant they always dreamed of, have done an exceptional job with the place and I can only see fabulous things ahead for them.

The menu is simple, with 3 meat burgers, 2 chicken ones and a veggie option. I went for the Smokin’ Bacon, a bacon cheeseburger basically, with BMB’s own burger sauce, spiced ketchup, and homemade cucumber pickles. Yum. The burgers come wrapped up, not unlike fast food burgers, but definitely a hell of a lot tastier. The burger was great, with the new brioche burger bun trend making its way here, and an amazing juicy thick patty. It did make a total mess, but that comes with juicy patties. I had a side of Thai cheese fries, which were a nice amount of spicy without burning your mouth off, and were scoffed down along with the burger. Since then, I’ve returned and opted for a different burger, just to see if they were all as juicy as each other. I can confirm that they are. There’s nothing better than a burger with a beautifully pink centre.

I myself haven’t tried the desserts from in here, but they make delicious donuts (I might’ve stole one…), and a dessert called Burger and Shake. The B’n’S is a tiny milkshake, that changes flavour depending on what the chef makes it, and a burger that’s made up of vanilla macaroons as the buns, chocolate ganache as the patty, mango coulis as the cheese and a strawberry purée as the sauce. It’s easily one of the most inventive desserts I’ve seen, and despite never having had it, I’ll be trying it pretty soon. It looks amazing!

As well as the sitting and dining option, BMB also do takeaway, which I think is a great idea. I’m pretty confident this place is gonna do amazingly well.

It is, despite all of the positive feedback, a bit on the pricey side, considering the price of other burgers in Glasgow. The fact fries don’t come with the burger, something most places seem to be doing, adds to that priciness. Some deals and offers would be pleasant, but a lack of them wouldn’t deter me from going. That’s my only qualm, and if there’s only one, the place is obviously pretty amazing. I’d be heading here for dinner if I was you.

Burger Meats Bun can be found here, here and here.

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